Maritime Law

Cartner & Wolf, PLLC offer a wide range of legal, consultative and engineering services to the maritime industry. They have represented owners, operators, brokers, freight forwarders, ports, agents, labor, maritime organizations, banks, and others before governmental bodies in the United States and elsewhere.

Life Planning

Cartner & Wolf specialize in life planning for mariners, focusing on Health Care Proxies & Powers of Attorney, Wills & Trusts, Personal Legacies for future generations, and Succession Plans for principals regarding their commercial maritime interests.


Cartner & Wolf can oversee the creation and implementation of a cybersecurity plan for marine operations, including both head office, facility, and vessel systems, as well as provide testing services and ongoing guidance in this rapidly evolving field.



Cartner & Wolf offer a wide range of administrative services ranging from the procurement of permits, licenses, and bonds, to bankruptcy petitions, as well as representing principals before governmental bodies regarding actions alleging violations of regulations or laws.



John A.C. Cartner specializes in solar energy, whereas Peter D. Wolf specializes in nuclear energy; both areas will have increased participation in maritime industry developments, as alternatives to fossil fuels become increasing attractive to ship owners and operators.